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Press 2013

[link] How do you Feel? Your Computer Knows
Communications of the ACM, Vol. 57 No. 1, Pages 24-26

[link] New Smartphone App Can Tell Scientists Just What Makes Us Happy
The Times, 9 May 2013

[link] Emotion Sense 'Pocket Therapist' App Claims To Track Your Mood
Huffington Post, 8 May 2013

[link] App taps phone and personal clues to your happiness
BBC News, 8 May 2013

[link] Una aplicación para medir la felicidad
BBC Mundo, 8 May 2013

[link] Mood-tracking app paves way for pocket therapy
Cambridge University News, 8 May 2013

[link] Feeling blue? New app may tell you why
The Times of India, 8 May 2013

[link] Emotion Sense, l'app che trasforma lo smartphone in uno psicoterapeuta tascabile
International Business Times (Italy), 8 May 2013

[link] The therapist in your pocket: App that can can turn your Android phone into a mobile mood tracker
Daily Mail, 8 May 2013

[link] Emotion Sense: App to track your mood could turn your mobile into a pocket therapist
Mirror, 8 May 2013

[link] App tracks users' mood changes
MSN News, 8 May 2013

[link] New Emotion Sense app set to track emotions
Metro, 8 May 2013

[link] Feeling Blue? Cambridge University Experts are Helping your Mobile Work Out Why
Cambridge News, 8 May 2013

[link] Measuring H(app)iness: Old Dog, New Blog
Main St, 25 March 2013

[link] Are You Happy? An App Tries To Raise Our Collective Mood
Forbes, 20 March 2013

[link] Elgan: When the iPhone Feels Your Pain
Computer World, 17 Jan 2011

[link] Feelings By Phone
ACM Tech News, 01 Oct 2010.

[link] L'uomo a Casa è Più Felice, E lo Confessa al Cellulare
La Repubblica, 30 Sep 2010.

[link] Feelings By Phone
Cambridge University News, 29 Sep 2010.

[link] Emotion Sense: How your Mobile can Interpret Your Mood
Guardian, 29 Sep 2010.

[link] Cambridge Scientists Prove 'Home is Happiest' With Help From Mobile Phones
Telegraph, 29 Sep 2010.

[link] The Mobile Phone Technology That Can Tell if You're Happy or Sad
Daily Mail, 29 Sep 2010.

[link] Phone to Track Emotional Behaviour.
BBC News Scotland, 29 Sep 2010.

[link] Phones Know How You Feel
University of St Andrews News, 29 Sep 2010.

[link] Hundred most promising digital technology initiatives
Net Explorateur 100, 2011.

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